Rich started magic at 11 years of age. His fascination started when his grandfather showed him his first magic trick.

Rich learned his first trick, a card flourish, where the magician makes a card disappear in his hand, by his Grandfather. His Grandfather learned sleight of hand to increase his finger dexterity during his procedures as a breast cancer surgeon. From that day on, Rich became anamoured with the art of magic. He would visit local magic shops and online stores and buy as many tricks as he could afford. However, he wouldn't  stop there, as he was always striving to create new effects and set himself apart from what other magicians were doing.

Rich utilized his magic in various bars in his early twenties and would perform for patrons publicly and at private events. Recognizing for his talents, Rich went on to perform at the infamous Magic Castle in Hollywood. 

Rich's love and passion for magic brought him into contact with Gay Blackstone, Executive Producer of the CW television show "Masters of Illusion". She quickly put him in the show where he performed some of his unique card magic and illusions. Following that show, Rich performed on a tv series for multiple episodes called "Don't Blink", which aired on the Pop Tv Network.

Rich is currently the host of the series Culture Shock, a wild adventure, full of dangerous stunts and exploration where Rich follows in his grandfathers footsteps seeking out magic throughout the world and living a day in the life of the most remote people on earth. 

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