To create inspirational high caliber films that have substance and hold a high production value standard and quality. This includes every aspect of the process. To provide, with passion, a well developed script, art direction, production team, direction, crew and cast. Film making is about a steadfast eye, careful and unwavering attention to detail, and a burning passion. My goal is to provide content including drama, action, martial arts, adventure, comedy, romance and science fiction. Love is at the core of everything I write. My motivation is the human condition, love, our struggle, our drive and will to go on, of lose, of growth, spirituality, of wisdom and understanding. These are the archetypes I am most fascinated with and incorporate into all of my work. There can be no light without darkness, and no darkness without light. A film, thus, should be a balance of both. My fascination with art and beauty, and the dichotomy of science and spirituality have molded my views on life into the brand of filming I intend to share with the world.


A scientist and a philosopher will question the very existence of everything. What if? Why? How? We rarely ask these questions, and even further from our current state of culture is that of the philosopher. Very few will take the time to observe and question the tiniest of details. But, in these details, we find the truth, beauty, and true art. The meaning of life, the joys and heartbreak of love. Even further, the introspective journey into the human psyche, into the gears and cogs that make up the machine, and breath it to life. The "art" of filming has dwindled in years past, that we can be sure of. There is fast food, and then there is the kind of meal you will savor and enjoy. To me, filming is about the gourmet meal.  There must be a beautiful synergy in it all.  A basic story driven acton movie with high intensity and extraordinary stunts and martial arts is beauty, is art. A deep drama, where the actor explores the gambit of human emotions, and the light hearted sitcom or action adventure are all works of art and necessary for the art of filming to thrive. The quality of it all is in the amount of sweat and careful dedication that is invested. This is what 12th planet productions is all about. It also recognizes that in this passionate expression of art, it is also, at the end of the day, a business. Without that sense and understanding of this fine game we play, the art is nothing but a trophy on a dusty shelf. 


Rich went to Radford University to study martial arts, acting, and film making. Rich is an experienced editor, and script writer. He has always made it a point to pay very particular attention to detail in all of his work.

After college, Rich learned the ins and outs of the movie industry and business. He spent his time working on script doctoring at Paramount studios. At this time, Rich furthered his eduction on producing, production, directing, writing, and the business.