At the age of thirteen, Rich started training in Kenpo Karate and received his Black Belt in four years, along with teaching status, at his local school. After his initial exposure to martial arts through action flicks, he developed a strong drive to entertain and perform his skills for the public. Rich traveled to New York City to train in the styles of Wing Chun Kung Fu, Shaolin Kung Fu, and a variety of weapons work under the tutelage of the Shaolin Monks. Rich was hungry to be the best he could be and test the spirit and limits of his own body, a philosophy he has adopted from his studies of Buddhist, Eastern, and Western Philosophy. He received a black belt in both styles of kung fu and took a trip out to Los Angeles to compete, attaining the title from a reality called K-Star as "one of the top sixty best young martial arts performers in North America" at nineteen.

Rich left college, and traveled to Los Angeles as part of a film crew for a reality show pilot called "Stars Stunts Action". It was through this experience that Rich met and trained with esteemed professional stuntmen, fight choreographers, and coaches.








Little by little as we grow, our chi settles. It causes us our spirits to relax. In doing so our Shen is diluted through our eyes. Let the Shen shin through. Shaolin hung fu allows us to break the slow chains and bonds like vines that creep and and around our Shen. Or spirit. The essence which gives us our thusness. 


Don't let the laziness and the content take hold of your Shen and chi. Let chi flow throughout like an endless river not a stagnant pond. Expand your mind. Body and spirit. 


Everyday break the restraints that hold Shen down. 


Let the body become a springy sponge that absorbs. Contracts. And endures. 


Keep your essence close. Do not dispense it willingly into vacuums that will consume your ability to nourish your spirit. 


Laziness is everywhere. Also lake of assertiveness. Aimless forward and constant momentum is useless. You can see their resolution in their eyes and their smiles. A resolute. Steadfast and assertive student and master of the laws of the cosmos will show you warmth and co trip through his radiating eyes. Not wild. Not static. Not erratic. Not empty. And not piercing. These are all signs of a disease within the persons spirit that binds him


As you harbor and build and nourish your Shen. The sucubi of this existence will sense your increasing strength. The temptation will arise. Be steadfast and hold to your resolve. For they will take from you what you spend hours perfecting and nourishing. 


To become a teacher of the universe you must separate yourself from the restraints. 


it is not about surrounding yourself with like minded people. You are not supposed to feed on them. Or feed off them. It is you that must perfect you. Grouping together is coping with a Mal nourished soul. 


Do not seek them out for they will come when they are ready. You are already a step ahead by nourishing your own spirit 


Your radiance will be perceived by all those in your presence if your Shen is sound. 


Those that don't notice are walking in a straight line. 

There is a diseases Mal nourishment in erratic overly energetic people. Their chi is out of balance. The euphoria they experience is a chi high that will cause anxiety as it is not balanced. Too much of anything and you are unbalanced. In the moment you will not notice but in reflection and the prolonged psychological effects will ensue. You can not achieve nirvana this way. You cannot hear the whispers of the universe in this way. 


At that time everyone was fighting each other when the real enemy was themselves.